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So many of us are finding ourselves sad, angry, in bad moods and waking up in the middle of the night, usually between 3-5 AM but can’t figure out why. We are going through a space and time that is helping us wake up to a world that’s been hidden from us through a dulling, dumbing down and programming of the mind, body and senses. We are experiencing massive doses of WiFi and EMF radiation along with poisoned water, chemtrails, vaccines, gmos and that’s just locally. Galactically, we are entering an energetic field that will make the positive more enlightened and the negative much much darker. We are also beginning to experience a planetary shift energetically through a planetary system headed our way. All of these factors on top of our own personal traumas are affecting both the planet and our internal peace. Now more than ever it is time to switch off of a low vibratory diet (meat, eggs, cheese, milk, fast foods) and really use what we put in our bodies to transcend these negative states of being. This is why you see people going off the deep end and it will only get worse. But if you’re aware that it’s happening then you can make the changes necessary so that you always remain calm and at ease even in the face of death. What we eat, what we drink, what we think, the words that come out of our mouths and the people or energies we decide to surround ourselves with all play a role in how we feel. Most people don’t realize that, trauma, pain, resentment, not forgiving yourselves and others cause an emotional mass like an energetic tumor to grow within us. We are electric beings living in an electric universe and negativity is a heavy weight on us. Until we release the negativity it will keep hindering us daily. This is a quick reminder to stop, breathe, eat well, love, meditate, pray and stop to smell the roses 🌹 once in a while. These organic teas can help you deal with the negative forces that are being thrust upon us both here on earth and the fields we are currently passing through in our galactic space. #truth #energyfields #space #highvibratorydiet #meditate #love #pray #drinktea #detox #chemtrails #trauma #nibiru #planetx #letitgo #fast #angelcitytv

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