Greetings Everyone,
I have a couple of things I want to get off my chest.



This is for my brothers and sisters of the African Diaspora, those of us living in these United States of Amerikkka in particular.

Lately, all over the news, and on my Facebook News-feed (as of this writing in June, 2020), I’ve been seeing memes like this:

In fact, you can actually BUY A T-SHIRT with that meme on it.

Well, I have a problem with these memes.

These days, there seems to be a need for many black people to tell the world they are NOT their ancestors.

I’m guessing that when they say this, it means that they will not tolerate the conditions our ancestors were subjected to.

Many of us look at the past, and immediately begin to think about what we would have done differently. It is very easy to look back and act like that no white man would have called you boy, or named you TOBY

In fact, we tend to imagine ourselves doing something like this…


Believe me, I know I have.


So, it’s understandable why these memes caught on so quickly.

These last few years (June 2020, as of this writing) have inspired a new generation of activists and organizers, and unfortunately, it seems that many of them are unfamiliar with the history of the movement for racial justice and with the philosophies of the Black nationalists who came before us.

Many of us only know the movement as depicted in history textbooks, videos, etc. and as articulated by his-story teachers in our high schools.

Many of us only know the portrait of docile negroes, of “turning the other cheek” and of the “BLACK SAMBO”.

We have been stripped of our culture, true history, and spiritual systems,

And have instead been fed white mental enslaving lies that that serves the interests of white societies.


Therefore, the Black slaves of the 21st century are those who cannot unlearn the many mentally enslaving lies they’ve been taught by his-story teachers.

On the LAST PAGE, I touched upon how this was done with the media.

Now, I’m gonna show you 2 other ways this was done, with RELIGION and EDUCATION.


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the early white christian conversion of Africans to their faith had absolutely nothing to do with saving the souls of Africans – so that Africans may join them in heaven in the afterlife. There was another self serving reason (Not to mention more sinister) why these racist en-slavers put their time, and energy into teaching Christianity to a people they otherwise treated so brutally.

Think about it:

Ninguém que fez isso com seus ancestrais pode mostrar-lhe o caminho para o céu – Anônimo

The true reason for the conversion was to indoctrinate the belief of a white god into the minds of the enslaved Africans.

For example…


You see, when the early Africans were taught to worship a white God, I believe that this produced a profound admiration towards whiteness within the minds of many of those africans. This subconsciously happens without many even realizing it. This profound admiration of whiteness is then transferred– often on a subconscious level–towards the entire white race. This made the Africans more subservient towards their white colonizers and en-slavers. The effects of that brain washing scheme implemented hundreds of years ago, has been left uncorrected and um-removed for generations.

Furthermore, through this form of brainwashing (I’m not gonna call it Christianity) millions of Black people have been made to believe that all of the wrongs that whites have done to them throughout history, have been washed cleaned by the blood of a fictional white Jesus.

The main reason I won’t call it Christianity, is because in most cases, the blacks were deliberately taught a false version of the actual religion.

For example,

During slavery, its proponents often justified it with the Bible; specifically, a verse that tells servants to obey their masters. There were also a lot of verses that abolitionists could and did use to argue against slavery. But you wouldn’t find those in the heavily-redacted “Slave Bible.”

Most of the Old Testament is missing, and only about half of the New Testament remains. The reason? So that the enslaved Africans in the Americas couldn’t read or be read anything that might incite them to rebel.

In case you don’t believe me, here’s a video of a story NBC made about this “Bible”:


When black people were forced to become “Good Christian Negroes”, its doctrine was use to compel them to forgive whites for all the brutalities afflicted upon them by white “Christians.”

Note: White society, as a whole, never actually repented for their evil deeds committed against Black people. They merely insisted that Black people, as good Christians, forgive them as their doctrine teaches.

For example…


Furthermore, by teaching Black people that a white God sent down his white son to earth to die for them this literally makes millions of Black people feel indebted towards whites.

Now please understand, I’m NOT trying to discredit or disrespect Christianity here. Christianity is, in fact, a very beautiful religion, the one in which nominally, I was brought up in.

And don’t think I am not aware of the history of Coptic Christianity in Egypt and Ethiopia, or of Catholicism in the Congo…


I am only showing you, the reader, how certain aspects of Christianity has been proven to be one of history’s most successful propaganda tools used for controlling our people, throughout the diaspora.


Now, one of the biggest problems I have with the “I am not my ancestors” meme is that we don’t seem to look at what the ancestors had the strength to accomplish. Some how we lose sight of the fact that had it not been for the tenacity of the ancestors there is a chance we wouldn’t be here, or we wouldn’t have what the rights we enjoy.

Though, as a people, we have come a long way, there are areas by which we have digressed…

Our ancestors seemed to have worked for freedom, as best they could, on all fronts. Can we say the same?

And this is all due to the fact that most blacks are given their education from people who historically have had every reason to keep blacks uneducated.


The white educational system’s failure to adequately provide Black students with a racially affirming curriculum as its does for White students is actually a societal social engineering programming that is essential for maintaining white dominance. Because for a ruling class to maintain its position of social dominance over its oppressed population, they must condition the oppressed from a very early age to accept their own subordinate status and to adhere to the authority of the dominant society. To do so, the education given to the oppressed, from the time that their mind’s are young and most impressionable, must be the type that denies them a racially and culturally affirming curriculum. When the suppressed minority population is denied a fully racially and culturally affirming education, even the brightest among them may have little, if any, hope of mentally extracting themselves from their assigned low, dominated position in life.

This  is precisely what’s being done to Black students. White governed schools do not provide a racially affirming curriculum to Black students- as it does so for white students. They instead intentionally give Black students a marginalized version of their history. It’s a marginalized version designed to instill the the myth of white superiority into their subconscious minds. It is a classroom setting wherein which the majority of the achievements and contributions made by Black people, throughout history, are systematically withheld from their educational development. Black students are taught from curriculum that primarily exalts the history and achievements of whites only, while marginalizes their own. For many Black people their schools are, in fact, the places where they first experienced the implications that there is something lesser about being Black.

This Black racially devaluing educational curriculum is being pumped into the impressionable young minds of generations of Black students –without being counterbalance by an equal amount of positive Black racially affirming information. Consequently, Black students must constantly resist the negative perceptions of being Black implicit in an educational curriculum almost exclusively dedicated to white ideologies, achievements, contributions and history. Furthermore, Black students are subjected to this demoralizing miseducation for seven hours a day from the age of five through eighteen. Clearly, considerable damage can be done to the self esteem of many Black students within such a large time frame.

During the educational development of Black students, they are literally being subconsciously conditioned to believe lesser of themselves and more favorably of whites. Black students are actually being socially engineered, during their educational developmental period, to adhere to white dominance over their lives. While white students are being mis educated to believe that they’re inherently superior and are therefore suppose to rule over Black people.

And what happens when we try to do anything, ANYTHING to try to correct this problem?  Well…

White social engineering scientist describes this immoral practice as merely instilling a value system into the collective mind’s of the oppressed that adheres to the infrastructure of the dominant society. Schools are tools of the government design to mold students’ character accordingly. Although white governments professes equality for all of their citizens, in reality they are unrelentingly committed towards the preservation of their nation’s white dominance. This unrelenting commitment necessitates that Black students be socially engineered during their educational development to accept their subordinate status within a white dominant society.

For example…

And speaking of Dr. King, did you know that in 1999, King’s family sued the federal govt. over his ASSASSINATION and won? Well, click HERE and learn all about it.
And in the present day, white moderates (and conservatives) have twisted the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King in opposition to Dr. King’s own political agenda. Don’t believe me? Well, just click HERE to find out.

This webpage, indeed this ENTIRE website is dedicated, TO OUR ANCESTORS.

Our ancestors, who ran to freedom, and who led and participated in slave rebellions all over the Americas.


Our ancestors, who not only defended their own countries, refused to allow Europeans to scramble for Africa, and volunteered to fight for their african brothers and sisters overseas…


Our ancestors, who wrote the texts, created the music, and told the stories that would teach their children and their children’s children WHO WE ARE.

Our ancestors, who’ve shown the world that even after european colonization, we can lift ourselves up by our own bootstraps and become self sufficient.

OUR ANCESTORS, who’ve made many contributions to our western society, despite having to go through OBSTACLE after OBSTACLE placed before them…


People, I’ve typed this before… although the great Continent of Africa has it’s problems just like everywhere else, the fact is that many great ancient civilizations came from Africa, which in their day, and even to this day, were just as splendid and glorious as any other great civilization on the face of the earth.

And yes, We of the African diaspora have our pimps, hoes, gangsters, etc. among us, we also have DOCTORS, INVENTORS, and SCIENTISTS among us, great men and women who’ve made many CONTRIBUTIONS to the societies in which they lived.


And for all you PIMPS, HOES, and THUGS out there, Whenever I see one of you, this is what I think…


I’m not gonna get into WHY. Well, not too much…

I’m just gonna post this little public service announcement from one of the best of da west… SNOOP DOGG.

But seriously, I wanna ask all you THUGS out there, to ask yourselves…
WHY do certain people think it’s important to paint you as a thug… WHY?

Oh, and here’s another thing I wanna talk about…


That’s right, people.



Okay, I had this long couple of paragraphs talking about how for far too long, black women have had to take on this role, and had to assume the role of Mother and Father in the black community, how this harms our sisters, and how we black men need to step up, etc.

But I feel that doing all that takes away from the spirit I’m trying to convey to you on this web page, and open a lot of negativity that I don’t want to bring to anyone.

I’ll just post this.

If there’s ANYBODY out there reading this who “DON’T NEED NO MAN” and wear the “strong black independent woman” like a badge, FEMALE OR MALE,

I would like you to read what is below.




And don’t EVEN get me started on the “ABSENT BLACK FATHER” myth…

-A Dangerous Distortion of our Families by Dr. Travis L. Dixon

Okay, I don’t know for certain if all this started with slavery or not. But don’t think that what happened to our ancestors during that time doesn’t affect us today…

If you would like to know more about Dr. Joy DeGruy and her work, please click HERE and check out her web site. And, click HERE to watch a video presentation of a talk she did in London.

Think about it.

From, the beginning of African enslavement in the Americas until the last country, Brazil, abolished slavery in 1888, Africans and their descendants were kidnapped, sold, tortured, hunted like animals, and raped. They experienced the worst kind of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse.

Given such history, isn’t it likely that many of the enslaved were severely traumatized? And did the trauma and the effects of such horrific abuse end with abolition?

In the U.S. alone, Emancipation was followed by one hundred more years of institutionalized subjugation through the enactment of Black Codes and Jim Crow laws, peonage, convict leasing, domestic terrorism and lynching.

Even today violations continue, and when combined with the crimes of the past, they result in yet unmeasured injury. What do repeated traumas, endured generation after generation by a people produce? What impact have these ordeals had on African descendants today?

The fact is psychologically, capoeira, as well as other related art forms, was developed in part as a RESPONSE to this trauma.

But I’ll touch upon that on another PAGE.


Now I said before that this particular webpage was for my Black brothers and sisters of the African Diaspora, but If you’re not black, I hope you read this page too, and gained a bit of understanding of our true history, rather than what we, or YOU were taught.

However, if there is ONE THING that I hope everybody can get out of reading this webpage, it’s that the next time you see something like THIS, wherever that may be…


I want you all to remind EVERYBODY out there, wherever that may be, that WE ARE OUR ANCESTORS.

Arturo A. Schomburg Frances Thompson, Ida B. Wells, and W.E.B. Dubois . Fred Hampton, Assata Shakur, Marcus Garvey and Barbara Smith. Gaspar Yanga, Zumbi Dos Palmares, and Harriet Tubman. Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, and John Horse. Francois Makandal, Dutty Boukman, Toussaint Louverture, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines . Marsha P. Johnson, Booker T. Washington, and George Washington Carver.

The list goes on and on, but I think you get the point. These ancestors, among countless others, refused to accept the conditions they were given, and fought for ALL OF US to have better lives, all over the diaspora.




We are literally, YOUR CREATION.




I saw this video a while back, and it really made me think. Now, I share it with you, and I truly hope that whoever watches this video, pay attention to what the Great Griot is saying here.



Doing nothing and fantasizing about better conditions are not sane life strategies. Rise, focus, and then choose to act to “Do For Self” and “walk off the plantation”, so that we can mentally engage, embrace, restore, embody, and persistently manifest our global history, heritage, African culture, consciousness, traditions, and values as a purposeful, collective, necessary, urgent, prioritized, and self-validating way of life!



O.K., for those of you who read this far, if you liked what I typed and resonate with this message, THANK YOU.

This was just something that I had to get off my chest.

I’ll end this page with this. When one of our ancestors was drafted to fight during the Vietnam war, this was his answer.


“I ain’t draft dodging. I ain’t burning no flag. I ain’t running to Canada. I’m staying right here. You want to send me to jail? Fine, you go right ahead. I’ve been in jail for 400 years. I could be there for 4 or 5 more, but I ain’t going no 10,000 miles to help murder and kill other poor people.

If I want to die, I’ll die right here, right now, fightin’ you, if I want to die. You my enemy, not no Chinese, no Vietcong, no Japanese. You my opposer when I want freedom. You my opposer when I want justice. You my opposer when I want equality. Want me to go somewhere and fight for you? You won’t even stand up for me right here in America, for my rights and my religious beliefs. You won’t even stand up for me right here at home. “

– Muhammad Ali

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