Mestre Cláudio was born in FEIRA DE SANTANA, a city in the interior of the state of Bahia Brazil, in an area called the SERTAO. He started capoeira in the fields when he was a boy. He was inspired by his uncle Domingos who played capoeira and his uncle Roque who made berimbau of imbé vine. What influenced him most was when he watched the capoeira rodas at the fair where he accompanied his mother who sold acarajé.

As he grew older through his hard work and training he founded his own Capoeira school Os Angoleiros do Sertão in the 1980s.Today he is well known for his capoeira Angola knowledge. The work of Mestre Cláudio is extensive, which includes his devoted care to the cantos, ladainhas, Samba Rural, and a well rounded acumen of playing and making all the instruments from scratch. Mestre Cláudio takes great pride and care in his work that is passed down to his contra-mestres, treinels, and students.

Below, I created a video playlist comprised mostly of video clips of Mestre Claudio and the students of Angoleiros do Sertao.

The 1st video in this playlist is a trailer for a documentary Kekeu made, with the groups Angoleiros do Sertão and Angoleiros Mar, with the participation of Mestre Claudio, CM Xandão, CM Tico, Calango, Xandinho, Escravinho, master Marcelo Angola, Prof. Guaxini, Prof. Xixarro, master Boca Rica, master Barba Branca and much more … with a passage through the Island of Itaparica, Salvador, Feira de Santana Bahia and Interior of SP.
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