Okay, I admit it, the title is click bait.

You see, when somebody writes about a certain subject (Or creates a website about it), people tend to see that person as the sharpest knife in the box if you will, a top “expert” on that subject.

Well, that is NOT true when it comes to me

I’m not a Mestre, Professor, Treinel, or even an expert. I am just a Capoeirista, sharing some things about an artform that I love, with those of you who are reading this website.

When I wrote the things that I wrote on the permanent pages on this website and on the blog, this was all basically a regurgitation of many of my thoughts on this way of life.

And although what I wrote is MY OWN OPINION, I do research this art, and anything I write on this website is based on what I read, observed, and conversations and lectures from different mestres and others.

And so, this page is a bibliography if you will, of all the books, documentaries, etc. that I used as reference material for this website.

There are other capoeira books and resource materials out there, but I own most of these books, and I’ve read all of them.

 Elementos Basicos de Capoeira de Angola

The ABC & Bay-Ah-Bah of Capoeira

Besouro Preto Comic Book

These 3 books were written by Edward Powe, and you can find them on DAN AIKI PUBLICATIONS.

Born and raised in Paterson, NJ, Edward L. Powe has a Ph.D. in African Languages and Literature (specializing in Hausa) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an MA in Linguistics (minor in Arabic) from Indiana University-Bloomington, and a BA (with distinction) in Spanish (minor in Portuguese) from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He has traveled extensively in Africa, India, the Indian Ocean, Latin America, Indonesia, and Melanesia and has occupied various administrative and teaching positions in the US and abroad. His web site is www.blacfoundation.org.

If you click on these titles below, you can go to the amazon.com webpages where you can buy them, and read them for yourself.

Capoeira Angola Movements: Capoeira Angola Movements a study guide for Capoeira Angola students

by Curtis Pierre

Capoeira: The Jogo de Angola from Luanda to Cyberspace, Volume One

by Gerard Taylor

Capoeira: The Jogo de Angola from Luanda to Cyberspace, Volume Two

by Gerard Taylor

Capoeira: A Brazilian Art Form: History, Philosophy, and Practice

by Bira Almeida

The Little Capoeira Book, Revised Edition

by Nestor Capoeira and Alex Ladd

Capoeira: Roots of the Dance-Fight-Game

by Nestor Capoeira

A Street-Smart Song: Capoeira Philosophy and Inner Life

by Nestor Capoeira

Capoeira and Candomblé: Conformity And Resistance In Brazil

by Floyd Merrell

The Capoeira Guidebook: Investigations into the Culture, History, and Philosophy of the Afro-Brazilian Art

by Evan Wedsworth

by: Simon Whyatt, Cinzia Barberis, et al.

Book One: Bimba’s Rhythm is One, Two, Three: From Resistance to Transformation Through Brazilian Capoeira

by: Lang Maria Liu

Book Two: Bimba’s Rhythm is One, Two, Three: The Many Faces of Capoeiraby

by: Lang Maria Lui

Book Three: Bimba’s Rhythm is One, Two, Three: Closing the Circle of Capoeira

by: Lang Maria Liu

Capoeira Over 40

by: Chris Roel

Life and Reflections of a Warrior: Through the Universe of Capoeira

by: Mestre Casquinha

The Hidden History of Capoeira: A Collision of Cultures in the Brazilian Battle Dance

by: Maya Talmon-Chvaicer

The Impact of Fingers on The Steel String/ O impacto dos Dedos No Arame: A cross sectional study on the use of berimbau as a musical instrument/ Um … do Uso do Berimbau Como Instrumento Musical

by: Prof Geisan Varne

Capoeira Beyond Brazil

by: Aniefre Essien

The Path of Capoeira: Teaching, Philosophy and Lessons Learnt

by: Arturo Hamelitz-Urena

Social Justice: A Gym Class Transformed (Global Intersectionality of Education, Sport, Race, and Gender)

Book 1 of 2: Global Intersectionality of Education, Sports, Race, and Gender

Capoeira, Mobility, and Tourism: Preserving an Afro-Brazilian Tradition in a Globalized World (The Anthropology of Tourism: Heritage, Mobility, and Society)

Part of: The Anthropology of Tourism: Heritage, Mobility, and Society (13 Books)

Mandinga da capoeira: The steps of the capoiera

by: Agnaldo Gabriel Ribeiro

Ring of Liberation: Deceptive Discourse in Brazilian Capoeira

by: J. Lowell Lewis

Learning Capoeira: Lessons in Cunning from an Afro-Brazilian Art

by: Greg Downey

Capoeira: An Exercise of the Soul

by: C. Daniel Dawson

Capoeira: The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art (Sport in the Global Society)

by: Matthias Röhrig Assunção

Well, that’s it for now. This list is by no means complete, because my research into capoeira is ongoing.

In fact, this isn’t even all the books I’ve read about Capoeira.

This list will grow, and include more books, videos, etc…. when I get the chance to add them.

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