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Y’all should be able to figure out what I’m gonna post about, if you’ve looked at the video and the meme above. I’ve typed about it a little bit in part 1 of the HISTORY PAGE, but to me, this is such an important subject that I decided to devote an entire web page to it.

O.K., Let’s do this.


People, let’s face it. When the average person thinks of AFRICA, the first things that come to mind are of some dark land full of WAR, POVERTY,  primitive “SAVAGE TRIBES,” “ALLAN QUARTERMAINE“, and of course, TARZAN.

And when it comes to the people of the African Diaspora (The U.S.A. in particular), We’re nothing but a bunch of sex-crazed, gun-toting GANGSTERS, PIMPS, HOES, sometimes all of the above… and always on WELFARE of course.


But how did it get to this? Why is it that we black people are always thought of as the scum of the earth, exactly?

Well you see, during the advent of the Atlantic Slave trade, and the Colonial expansion from the 16th to the early 20th centuries, while the “powers that be” at the time, was excavating the many treasures of African culture, they were also doing their best to either destroy, or cover up Africa’s contribution to the world, while at the SAME TIME, spewing constant images attacking African culture, sense of morality, African’s sense of HUMANITY, and even what we African descendants THINK about OURSELVES, even to this VERY DAY.



After World War ll,  the nearly 12 year Jewish Holocaust came to an end and the United States, as well as other nations contributed massive financial support to rebuild the lives of the European Jews.

However, although the African Holocaust lasted hundreds of years longer, and resulted in millions of more deaths, the U.S., Great Britain and the many other  nations that participated in it felt no moral obligation to invest financial support to restore the culture and lives of African people.

Fearing eventual  retribution — especially given the fact that their exploitation of Africa continues indefinitely, and the fact that there have already been acts of retribution, they instead invested millions into the social engineering of Black minds to think in ways that serves and protects the interests of the western societies in which they live.

While the western nations can rob, invade, and enslave Black and Brown people through their military strength, they cannot win their loyalty, or sustain peace with them for long unless certain systems are put in place to keep the oppressed loyal, or to prevent dissent from rising among them.

This is actually a very common practice. Throughout western history those empires that brutally mistreated their oppressed population, fearing eventual retribution from the oppressed, have always manipulated their minds to think in ways that protects the interests of the oppressors to the detriment oppressed people.

This is the situation Black and Brown people endure now living under white dominance. Generation after generation of POC, from the womb to the tomb, have been socially engineered to think in ways that protects and serves the interests of white societies.

This is the most unknown aspect of the entire African holocaust, and it’s the white world’s best kept secret.


And it wasn’t just in the United States where I live.

In fact, all over latin america, there was a political program they called BLANQUEAMIENTO (BRANQUEAMENTO in Portuguese). This policy aggressively pursued any and every avenue designed to ensure that Black people were forced into distinct minorities and as much as possible force them into being nonexistent as anything other than a source rich for continued economic exploitation, a practice which in BRAZIL has very aggressively pursued even after the supposed abolition of slavery via the “Golden Law” circa 1888.

For a little bit more info about racism in Brazil, click HERE.

And, I might add, this was done ALL over the world, involving ALL people of color (Although I’m only talking about people of African descent here).

Through the skillful sustained use of repetitive media propaganda, white societies have created a prison for the mind’s of millions of Black people. The white media’s unrelenting negative depictions of Black people– that amplifies the negative to the point that it distort reality– is much more than just bias media reporting. It is actually a Divide and Conquer psychological warfare system.

Yes, this video was made in 2015, but how many of you are willing to take up her challenge?


Presently, there are white media social engineering scientists and propaganda designers that works behind the scenes manipulating the minds of Black populations to think in ways that protects the interests of white societies. These men govern our minds, molds our opinions of the world, and of ourselves through the societal information they routinely present to us through the media. Media social engineering is not a conspiracy theory. It is a covert very well-crafted system of control that allows the white ruling class to control the masses and targeted populations. It is a practice that the ruling white elites have used for many years.

Here’s a small example of how far this rabbit-hole goes…

On “THE MONSTER IN THE ROOM” page, there’s a video of an anti racism activist named JANE ELIOTT where she talks about this subject in great detail.

And also…

Throughout world history, oppressors have often deployed divide and conquer tactics against the oppressed because creating self loathing and division among the oppressed makes them easier to control.

This nefarious practice was never abandoned. For the last couple of centuries, there has been a massive media marketing campaign that constantly subjects Black people to seeing only the worst within themselves.

And it has also affected how OTHER races, nationalities, etc. has come to view black people.

But hey, don’t take my word for it…


Now PLEASE UNDERSTAND, I’m not some kind of Afrocentric racist posting some weird racist conspiracy theories here. The things that I’ve described here are all things that HAS HAPPENED in the past, and continues to happen all over the western hemisphere.

I’m not making this sh#t up.

O.K., I’m gonna revisit the effects His-Story has had on our consciousness in a bit.

Right Now, I want to touch on a little “pet peeve” of mine, because I think it will help those readers who are not black, or another person of color, understand where we blacks may be coming from when talking about these subjects.


The meme above is the nicest way I could find on the internet of conveying a message that I’ve heard in my life so many times, especially when talking about His-Story, and it pisses me off.

This is a HOT TOPIC for many… Hell, even AKON said it.


 Now, I was gonna go all in on this. 

I was gonna type all about how slavery was horrific and it continued on years after it was made illegal (click HERE to see what I mean)… and about how much of the current conditions we blacks are in all stem from slavery…

And about how even when my people did try to lift ourselves by or own bootstraps,  and rise above it all like thriving in small owns like Rosewood, Florida, or even creating BLACK WALL STREET in Tulsa Oklahoma, white mobs  burned it down…

But I’m not gonna do  that. All I’m gonna do, is share  this video that I found with you…

… And I’m also gonna link you to this well-written article that I found on this subject that matches my thoughts exactly.

Click HERE to check it out.

And before anyone mentions it, YES, I talked about the subject of mass incarceration that the above video has touched upon in ANOTHER PAGE. However, I feel that it’s important to bring this subject up here, because I believe that when people talk about “Get over slavery, it’s in the past”, the subject of mass incarceration is often overlooked. You see, for my people, often times the past is the present.

Now let me ask y’all… Should the people of the African diaspora, the majority of  whom are descendants of slavery, just take centuries of our HISTORY and just what, forget about it? Not talk about it? Act like it didn’t happen?

If so,  why? So certain people can feel better?


You know, if you tell Jewish people to forget the holocaust, or Japanese people to forget Hiroshima, and the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WW2, or native Americans to forget European colonial destruction,  people would  be up in arms, angry and quite frankly, pissed off.


HOWEVER…  Whenever African Americans talk about the holocaust of the African continent during slavery and horrors of slavery in the diaspora for the last 500+ years,   people are quick to casually say “racism doesn’t exist anymore”, or “slavery was a long time ago, stop dwelling on the past”.  

Now in the beginning of the above video, you may have heard the term, “SUNDOWN TOWN”. In case you don’t know what a Sundown Town is, watch the video below.


Anyone who points out racial injustices against black people is deliberately causing “Racial tensions”. This is the experience of black people in this present day, we are told to forget while others are praised for remembering past injustices done to them.



For example,

Well, not really an example because it’s slightly off-topic, but watch what Fox News’s Laura Ingraham had to say to NBA stars LeBron and Kevin Durant, when they voiced their thoughts at our former president, Donald Trump:

Yeah, that’s right. This woman actually told them, to “Shut up and dribble”.

Like I typed, this was slightly off-topic, but it’s the type of attitude that we black people encounter when we tell other races about our problems.

Seriously, how would many descendants of European Americans feel if they were told to just forget 4th July, THE ALAMO,  Pearl harbor, or 911?


Now, back to His-Story.

For me, one of the biggest problems with these myths and stereotypes coming from his-story, is how it affects how we talk about Capoeira, in terms of how it’s taught and practiced, and when people talk about it’s HISTORY.

For a long time now, there has been a HUGE debate surrounding Capoeira’s ORIGINS (Of course, this argument isn’t limited to Capoeira ITSELF, but we are talking about Capoeira).

Some people say it came from AFRICA, and others say it was born in brazil, particularly in the state of BAHIA, a state in Northeastern Brazil.

Some scholars  dispute even  the etymology of the word Capoeira.


Some Brazilian writers claim it is from the Amerindian Tupi language group and means an area of bush that has been cleared by burning or cutting.


In Portuguese, the language of Brazil , it means a big chicken coop or a place where birds are fattened.

The late Kongo scholar K. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau believed that Capoeira is really a derivation of the Kikongo word kipura or kipula.

According to Fu-Kiau:
                            “Both pura and pula mean to flutter, to flit from place to place; to struggle, to fight, to flog. Both terms are used to describe rooster’s movements in a fight: back and forth, up and down as well as rotating movements. Kipura in the Kongo cultural context, is an individual whose fighting style is based on a rooster’s fighting techniques”

Of course, none of these explanations take into account that before the art was called capoeira, it was known by many different other names, i.e. Jogo de Angola, Brincadeira de Angola, Vadiacao, etc… But I digress.

Anyway, as I typed on the 1st HISTORY PAGE, I believe Capoeira’s roots can be traced back to African people for anybody who wants to look honestly for them. Capoeira’s true African roots are out there, but historically, it has often times been conveniently overlooked if it supports information for the African argument.

I believe that most of these different theory’s about Capoeira’s history are just a bunch of stories being pushed for many years by certain entities to give a capoeira a more “Brazilian” origin, and to push the African roots aside, and worse yet, to DENY them, and in order to give them a sense of “ownership” to the art, to justify taking control of how it’s taught and practiced, and to try and deny the actual descendants of the art’s creators to have much real power in the capoeira “world”, as it is.

In my opinion, much of this debate around Capoeira’s origins ultimately comes from a continued effort to disenfranchise African people of our contributions to world civilization.

There has always seemed to be a need to basically ‘Creolize’ cultural contributions that enslaved Africans gifted to the “New World”. Our culture survived in spite of all that happened to our ancestors,  and yet certain individuals are always trying to tell us that we black people just couldn’t do ANYTHING without the influence, support, or DIRECTION from non-Black people.

I mean, we can recognize that a Honda made in say, Detroit with technology and technicians from all over the world, is still a Japanese car.

But  people just can’t seem to do that with African/Black culture. 

This is nothing new. These stories (myths, if you will) sprang up at a time in the western world (including Brazil), when Africans, and African descended people could NEVER be credited with the development of ANYTHING sophisticated, including a martial art.


Let me show you some examples of what I’m talking about.

Look at the picture below.

This picture is of a drawing that was made originally from an Englishman named PERCY NEWBERRY who traced it from the walls of the tomb of Governor Baquet III, in 1893.

In 1941, there was a popular National Geographic magazine article titled, “Daily life in Ancient Egypt”, which included a portion of a scene from this tomb. The caption reads:

“By contrasting the body colors of the Egyptian athlete and his Negro opponent the ancient sports artist made clear the holds, many of which are identical with those used today”.

Egyptian athlete and his “Negro” opponent?


O.K., to the plain observer, I guess it could be misinterpreted to mean a black (“Negro”) and white (“Egyptian”) wrestler. However, take a look at THIS picture:

This is a photo of a scene from the ACTUAL tomb that Percy Newberry traced those figures from. When he traced them, he drew one in outline, and filled the other figure in black.

Now, IN HIS OWN WORDS, Percy left NO room for ANY kind of misinterpretation:

“The match is between two Egyptians, both colured the same in the original, but for the sake of distinctness in the Plate, one of each pair has been drawn in outline.”

The information I just showed you, was taken from the book, “NUBA WRESTLING: THE ORIGINAL ART” by Nijel Binns. You can purchase a copy by clicking HERE.

That’s right people…

Despite what you’ve may have heard, or been taught, ancient egypt was a BLACK AFRICAN civilization.

Black Africans in the Nile valley called themselves Kemit, land of the blacks. The Greeks called them Egyptians. Still a more ancient African name was Wose. These black Africans in the Nile valley and Nubians further south were all black indigenous African peoples.

But hey, don’t take my word for it:

That’s right people.

The whole idea of ancient egyptian culture being created by  non-Africans was just another myth created by white supremacists in the 19th century to justify their exploitation of the african continent.

Here’s an example of how they did it.


I mean C’mon people, did they REALLY expect us to look at artifacts lile the ones below, and actually think they’re white statues somehow “darkened with age?”


The Kemites and other people’s in the Nile valley created the world’s 1st systematic sophisticated martial arts, everything from grappling to ground fighting; kicks punches, sword fighting weapons combat and military academies where these methods of combat were taught full time.

And, In case you’re wondering, this art is still practiced today.

-Nubian Wrestling
Nuba wrestling, practiced for over 3,000 years, is one of the oldest forms of this ancient sport. The earliest known portrayal of Nubian wrestlers is found on a wall painting from the tomb of Tyanen, an Egyptian officer who died in 1410 B.C. While it is known that Egyptians recruited Nubian archers into their army, maybe this picture implies that Nubian wrestlers were also highly valued by the Egyptians. “Nubian” is a common term the Egyptians used to describe all brown- and black-skinned people living to the south. After studying the various wall paintings depicting Nubian wrestlers and comparing them to the myriad tribes in what is now modern-day Sudan, archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians have determined that the Nubas of southern Kordofan are most likely the descendants of the ancient Nubian wrestlers. Ancient Greek wrestling and Nuba wrestling are similar in style—the wrestlers are nude and score by takedowns (not pinning). These wrestlers can use their entire body, but modern Greco-Roman-style wrestling allows the competitors to use only their upper bodies for takedowns. Nuba wrestling, however, most likely predates Greek wrestling by several hundred years and has remained essentially unchanged for millennia.

Check it out:

In the Nile valley, North and South Sudan, and central Africa modern Congo are epicenters where indigenous African martial arts masters still live in the rural areas teaching students in small groups or villages.


In fact, there are many indigenous martial arts practiced all over the African continent, as well as in the african Diaspora, and I’m gonna explore that subject in a little bit more detail on another PAGE.


But… what happens when a modern black egyptian tried to assert his blackness in the United States of Amerikkka?? Well, check it out:

Welcome to the club, my brother.



Although I had this Egypt rant on my HISTORY Part 1 page for over a year before I moved it to this page, the original reason I put it on my website is because of this bulls@^t video below.

The problem I have with it is not only the fact that it’s not true (a simple search can prove that). It’s that it ONCE AGAIN perpetuates the 2 or so century long fabrications about black Africans just not being smart enough to contribute to world civilization..

And that, I can’t have.


Now here, we have a couple of more examples, of how African history was covered up, distorted, etc. to justify European colonization and exploitation.


Anyway, It’s because of this continuing, centuries – long effort to promote this insane agenda, that we black people have had to go to great lengths just to prove that the black people of Africa, and her descendants have contributed to the advancement of civilization on this planet, something that most other races/ethnic groups take for granted.

Look, capoeira came from African culture. Like jazz, samba, meringue, tango, fandango and all the most popular cultural expressions we enjoy in the Western Hemisphere.

Neither the Tupi nor any other indigenous people are trying to get credit for the creation of Capoeira. We don’t need to give Capoeira some kind of DNA test so we can focus on the .9999999% etc. of possible Tupi or Guarani DNA. We don’t need to prove Capoeira is ‘mixed’. Her phenotype, culture, and politics are African and BLACKETY-BLACK.


It’s time we all just leave it at that.




Before I end this article, I want to leave all of you with this one FINAL THOUGHT:


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