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The heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic energy in the body, and measurements show the frequency of the heart’s energy field is five thousand times stronger than the brain. The heart field moves at the speed of light and extends up to 12 feet around the body. The heart communicates with the brain in several ways: neurologically (transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (hormones and neurotransmitters) and biophysically (pressure waves). Now we have evidence of direct, coherent energetic communication through electromagnetic field interactions as well. Using electrocardiographic (ECG) and electroencephalographic (EEG) instruments (for measuring heart and brain waves) it has even been scientifically verified that when two people are in proximity of each other the heart field of one person affects the brainwaves of another. Not only is the energy and information flowing through your heart’s energy field transmitted throughout your body and brain, but it interacts with other people as well, communicating your internal state to the environment. When you truly begin to live from a heart centric perspective not only do you change yourself, you can change the world which why the world will only change by selfless genuine acts of kindness. When you heal yourself you heal the world. Check out this film that explains it at 9:37 (nine minutes thirty seven seconds): #truth #heartbasedliving #bekind #dogoodforothersquietly #smile #loverelentlessly #always #youwillseeyourlifeandtheworldchange #angelcitytv

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