What Do Politicians Know? – Sustainable Human

“When we’re sick, we go to the doctor. When our dental health is failing, we go to the dentist. When our car breaks down, we go to the mechanic. When we need to build/repair machines, we call on electrical engineers. When we need buildings erected and roads repaired, we call on architects and structural engineers. When our computer breaks down, we call our computer technicians. When we need a task automated, we call on programmers and software engineers. When we need to plan a space mission, we call on astrophysicists and aerospace engineers. When we need to find solutions to environmental and agricultural problems, as well as problems relating to animals/crops/plants/human biology, we call on biologists, geologists, geneticists, genetic engineers, zoologists, and botanists. Notice how all of these problem solvers fall under the field of science. In other words, they’re all scientists.

Yet, when it comes to running society and the world (which involves/entails all of the aforementioned affairs above), somehow, we think it’s okay to look to politicians.” ~ Jacque Fresco

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