Denzel Washington Explains Systemic Racism – YouTube

Denzel Washington Explains Systemic Racism: Washington a legendary actor, his views on American’s criminal justice systems and that black incarceration finds its roots in fatherless home. This is a really important message for liberals to take in. Remember, this is a man who portrayed Malcolm X on film. He’s very well aware of the institutional racism that existed from slavery through to the Jim Crow laws in America. That is no longer the reality in modern day America. Self accountability is so much more important than blaming a system that is not against you. Victim culture helps no one prosper. This is quite showing. Morgan Freeman, knows that race is irrelevant and should never be. In this interview with Mike Wallace, and Don Lemon Morgan Freeman is spot on. Racism ends when it isn’t seen as a relevant point anymore. This is how you end racism. Not through some affirmative action, no quotas, no special privileges for minorities. Especially not guilt tripping white people because they had it better in the past. Just treat everyone as an equal and you get equality. To contact us directly, visit our new sub-central!… ****WE REAL

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