Remorseful Felicity Huffman could get home confinement over prison time – Los Angeles Times


Black mothers who used their relatives’ and friends’ addresses to ensure their QUALIFIED children got into the schools in the districts with the better funding were sentenced to PRISON for “stealing education.” SOURCE:…/charged-with-stealing-school-heres…/ (Yes, I realize that Tanya McDowell was ultimately imprisoned on other supposed charges, but five of those years were for “stealing education” and there are other examples of mothers charged).

Rich white people bribed school officials into allowing their often UNDER-PERFORMING children into Ivy League and Ivy League-adjacent schools, and they MIGHT get “home confinement.”

We know why this is. There is one “criminal justice” system for rich people and there’s another for poor people (one that seeks to re-enslave Black people in particular).

Additionally, we know that if they had it their way, Black people wouldn’t receive any education whatsoever as it used to be illegal for a Black person to be educated and now its simply a social and economic custom that many wish to make lawful again.

The prison industrial complex itself is a terrible idea made worse by its racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and rape culture (it, in fact, sponsors those horrors). So I’m not advocating that these rich white parents go to jail. What I AM advocating, however, is that all the Black mothers who went to prison:

1. be freed from prison and have their records expunged immediately.
2. be compensated heftily in millions for their time served.
3. receive free mental health counseling and free medical care.
4. be given the opportunity to have their children attend any school they please completely free of charge from nursery to post-graduate.

Because THAT would be the start of the justice.

Image description: Felicity Huffman seen from the shoulders up, looking to the right. Brick wall in the background.



Source: Remorseful Felicity Huffman could get home confinement over prison time – Los Angeles Times

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