Roda de Capoeira de rua in Salvador in the 80’s.

In the public domain, Capoeira Roda, in the early 80’s on the streets of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Na vadiação, the young Angoleiro, Mestre Moraes with great dexterity, besides the mestres Um por Um and King Kong, feared capoeirista of that time. One of the things that draws the most attention is the informality and joy with which players behave. Was it a time of less disputes between styles, in which wandering is much more important? It seems that …

Anyway, it is a relic of Capoeira, and it deserves to be shared ….

What came from the people, should always return to the people!

The trail, which is not original, is the berimbau of master Cabecinha, in a recording from 1940! AXE BABA!!!

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